Bleu Fonce Medium Classic Flap...any left?

  1. Does anyone know if this bag is still out there? If so...please let me know where you've seen it.

    I thought I had tracked it down, but the SA was holding a lambskin bag even though I told her caviar...Grrrr. Anyway.....

    My other SA said it was 2 seasons ago? Any info would be great!

  2. shmoo, I am looking for this same bag in caviar. I can't find it either :search:
  3. They are right- caviar blue fonce 2 seasons ago, and lambskin just recent season, I want the jumbo in caviar and was not able to find it.
  4. I saw an east/west blue fonce in Neimans in Houston a while back......but its not what youre looking for. Sorry
  5. Ya i found an e/w too. I just love that outside back pocket on the classic flaps, it fits my blackbery nicely so I don't always have to rummage around for it.
  6. Oh my, I'm looking for a blue EW as well! May I ask where you found one? I'm hoping I can score one before the price increase.
  7. Theyhad one at Chanel Dallas,ask for Joseph and let him know Lacey sent you if you can grab it! Good luck!