Bleu Fonce Lamb Flap available in Medim Size *pic*

  1. Call Pia at NM Atl at 404-266-8200.

    w/out flash
  2. oh my

    oh my

    oh my

    gosh what a beauty :biggrin:
  3. nice! hope a pfer gets it.
  4. That is a real beauty. Love it!
  5. OH!!!!!!! what a pretty thing...
  6. Really gorgeous, I wish I had more use for a blue bag...
  7. Ooh that's soooo pretty, and the lambskin makes it look even more luscious!!

    I have the bleu fonce EW coming to me, hope I won't regret passing this beauty up...
  8. I'd be all over this if it was caviar :yes:
  9. if only i am not on a ban..........
  10. Wow, it is gorgeous! I must look away; I must look away.

  11. May I know which is a truer color, the pic on top or the darker pic below?
  12. ^ I would say in between, I'll try an outdoor picture for you in the morning!
  13. Dang! I'd rather a lambskin bag than a caviar one ....
  14. Oh is that the one you got Savannah? It's gorgeous:heart:
  15. beautiful how much is it for?