Bleu Brighton Alligator Mississippi Dogon Wallet

  1. My SA emailed me and asked if I was interested in an alligator dogon wallet in brighton blue! OHMYGAWD. pricetag $8,400++!!!

    Is that surreal or what?! Of course I didnt get it. But oh my... I wouldve loved to if finances permitted!! haha

    has anyone seen an alligator dogon wallet??
  2. The price:wtf:
  3. ^ the beauty :wtf:
  4. OMGosh! What a price, but Brighton blue!!!!
  5. Sacrebleu!
  6. :wtf: Pictures anyone??
  7. :drool: :drool:
  8. Now that sounds like "casual" taken to it's highest form!

    I know it's really pretty although I feel like a Bearn would be scrumptious too.
  9. I was called a few months back on a Gold Alligator Dogon. Same price tag. I think they are starting to trickle into the market. Bet its gorgeous, but I didn't drive down to see it.
  10. Brighton Bleu in the croc and alligator is very beautiful.
  11. I bet it's breathtaking.....but what $$$$!!!!!!!!!
  12. Oh yes. the $$$!
    I didn't even bother to ask for a photo because I know I can't afford it. And seeing it in the flesh might only make my life a living hell :p but oh my oh my...
    whoever owns an H alligator wallet better make sure all the bills are new and smell good! I'd hate to contaminate the beautiful wallet with smelly ol' bills :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. I do think that the smaller exotic pieces are trickling in. I was offered a matte croc in barenia - dogon wallet. Over $7+ without the taxes. Had to turn it down since dogon was not really up my alley. However, a few days later, my SA found me a "little" something in the same material. Wowza! Will post photos soon! :nuts:
  14. Don't tease! I thought I was going to see some fabulous photos!:crybaby:

    :drool:WOW - sounds amazing!!!!:drool:
  15. Oh, maybe get your SA to send a pic just so we can drool over it. I'm dying to see it!!!:yes: