Bleu Abysse, Blue Jean or Vert Anis? Help please

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  1. I was introduced to Hermes by a good friend of mine a couple of years ago. Since then, I started developing my hermes holy grail list. It used to be:
    - Birkin porosus black 30 GHW
    - Birkin 35 Togo Blue Jean PHW
    - Birkin 35 Red (not sure which one) or kelly 32 tricolor (browns and red)
    - Kelly 28 white swift

    I am not much of a pink person. I would also love raisin, violet or vert anis.

    Last year during a trip to Paris I found my my black croc birkin and even though I thought I would NEVER pay that much for a bag... my husband bought it for me... and I LOOOVE it.

    This year I decided to look for the blue jean togo. Last week I found a 35 birkin in bleu abysse in clemence. I thought it was the perfect blue, rich and deep but not too dark, a perfect every day bag. I also saw the vert anis which I have always liked.. a lot, but I thought it will be a bit less versatile. I bought the bleu abysse.

    Now I am rethinking a) keep bleu abysse, b) change it for vert anis or c) wait for blue jean (which I am pretty sure I can get this year). I need to decide before Tuesday.

    - I want to use the bag very often
    - I want a color/leather easy to maintain since I have young children and I do not babysit my bags
    - I have heard from a few friends that orange and blue jean are 'too hermes' , and there are too many... on the other hand there are too many because they are great colors
    - I would have preferred togo, but I was told that bleu abysse is produced in clemence and box only. Clemence is soooo soft and nice ;)

    35 clemence PHW bleu abysse and in comparison with my croc

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  2. I personally would keep the blue abyss because it is darker than blue jean or vert anis and will not show marks as easily. With little kids, that is important. I adore your new birkin, well done! But as I am sure others will say, if you are not completely happy with it, exchange it for something you adore.
  3. Personally, I would choose BJ or vert anis. IMO BJ is easier to wear than the type of blue that blue abyss is. And VA is just gorgeous.
  4. Congratulations on your Bleu Abysse Clemence Birkin, ngbirkin. Keep it and save up for a vert anis.

    Would love bleu abysse in boxcalf.:tender:
  5. Love the bleu Abysse.
  6. I think the Bleu abysse is both gorgeous on the eyes and versatile. I'd keep it. It is soooo easy to be mesmerised by all the lovely colours - we ALL know this!
    I can understand your friends feeling orange and bleu jean are 'too' Hermes but that is just like saying black and gilt is so Chanel. You can never regret owning a classic even though you will definately get the itch to own more than one.
    Calm down, take a deep breath and appreciate what you have - two super bags and a lovely family life. Maybe you can indulge yourself in the other colours with a few accessories to add to what you have.
  7. Personally if I had BJ on my list, I would wait for it, and not settle for anything else.
    Bleu Abysse is gorgeous, but it has a totally different vibe than BJ.
    BJ and Orange are "too" Hermes, buts thats just because they are quintessentially H colours, and its almost impossible to find any other brand that comes near to producing these beautiful colours.
    if you think you will use the Bleu Abysse, keep it, but if you have any doubts, I say return it.
  8. Love your new Bleu Abysse.
  9. Personally I love vert anis, but then I seem to love everything that´s green;) Good luck with your decision!
  10. i saw the bleu abysse in the leather book. it is marvelous. i prefer the dark blues - bleu abysse, BdP over BJ

    however, if you don't love it and are hankering for another color then you should go for it. i also love VA and have it in an accessory but wonder whether i (that is me, not anyone else) would tire of it if i had it in a bag. chartreuse is a much easier green to wear forever in my opinion. i saw graycat5's and it was really appealing.
  11. Thank you all for your comments. I am new to this forum and I really appreciate the advice.
    -- IFFAH - Love your reply: Keep the bleu abysse and save for the vert anis :tup:

    I will go to the store this Monday to buy twillys. I will update you on my decision (and what other birkins I find).
    Thank you!
  12. Lovely bags congratulations! The matte poro b30 is so pretty with gold..

    Bleu Abysse looks great for an everyday workhorse bag too, would be nice to keep it and introduce the other colors into your collection as you come across them, nobody does colors like h does ( trying to remember whether I've ever seen swift in white...)

  13. As others said it's really the question of personal preference... and mine would be Bleu Abysse over BJ or VA simply because I love darker shades of blue :love: And though I haven't seen Blue Abysse IRL it looks fab in your pic and IMO would easily go with most outfits. But honestly you can't go wrong with any one of these three... or actually with any H color ;) The bottom line is if YOU love it and if YOU will enjoy using it? And it doesn't have to be love at first sight, sleep on it, and then decide so you don't regret if you let it go :yes:
  14. can anyone describe bleu abyss--it looks like indigo in the photo
  15. I am a sucker for color, and really like the punch that you get from bj or va. Bleu Abyss, while lovely, doesn't do much for me. It's a personal preference, but I would go wait for the bj or va.