blenheim ladies - advice please

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  1. I've just got my hands on a lovely older oak blenheim - it all looks good but it has no serial number on the disc and, while the magentic fastening under the centre belt is bevelled, the ones under the pockets are flat. Is this normal for blenheims or should I be worried? My camera's dead at the moment so i can't take a pic.
  2. When your camera is working again, I'd pop some pics on the authenticate this thread. I don't have a Blenheim so I can't help you, I'm afraid.
  3. Mine has excactly same characteristics... Don´t worry....;)
  4. I have a choc Blenheim and just like yours it has no serial number and the magnetic fasteners under the flaps are also flat.
    For extra piece of mind as SJ suggests post pics on the authenticate this thread.
  5. Thanks so much mulberryforever and shopaholicmum! I'll post pics once the camera's back working...
  6. My plum Blenheim doesn't have a serial number either and the magnetic fasteners above the pockets are flat too!
  7. That is normal, no worries!!
  8. Ditto.
  9. Thank you wonderful tPFers! I am now feeling a lot better about my latest acquisition. PS Bagcrazy, I am still SO in love with my rosemary! :tup:
  10. I am glad. I emailed the seller that you were happy. She was really happy to hear that her Rosemary found a good new home!
  11. my trio of blenheims are the same :tup:
  12. Just wanted to ask a quick Blenheim question - do the outlets still have them, as I didn't see any at Cheshire Oaks last month? Or do the London stores stock them...anyone know? Thanks!
  13. Theres not many around now, but you might get lucky at one of the outlets with more unusual colours. Dont think there have been any oak or choc ones about for ages.
  14. ^^ Thanks Hula. It's not really on my want list but was just wondering why there seem to be quite a few kicking about on ebay at the moment?