Blenham Bag

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  1. Hi Ladies

    I have been looking for a chocolate Mulberry for some time now and have been very indecisive as to what style to go for.

    I only have two as you can see and both black but really fancy a chocolate brown shoulder style.

    I don't like large bags and the bayswter is too big for me and looking at some of the pics of the Roxy and Rosemary I feel they will also be a bit big for me.
    So the advise I need is:

    Does anyone have this bag and are there any pics I can have a look at?
    How easy is it to open compared to my East West and Ledbury.
    Does this look like it is in really good condition.

    I really want to buy it and know I could return it if I don't like it but would rather get some opinions and pics first if possible.

    Then again I don't want it to sell.:nuts:
  2. Hi Tarababe

    I think this one looks in good condition. I have bought from this seller before, a blenheim too, and I am really pleased with it. This is the 3rd blenheim I have had. They are not quite as roomy as the ledbury, but they do have the additional 2 pockets at the front. These are larger than those on the Rosemary, but smaller than those on the Roxanne.

    It sits well on the shoulder, and is easy to open as there is only 1 magnetic popper as opposed to 3 on the Rosie and Roxy. I personally love this bag's style, its the one that got me into Mulberry back in 2005. And also that darwin leather is hard to beat, as it stretches to accomodate slightly with age but never really sags like the glove leather can! With this size bag the weight of darwin is easily accomodated, imo!

    Don't have any pics at the moment, but maybe I can post one up over the weekend!

  3. Thanks metalicglove, I have to say I love everything about the look and style and of course the leather.

    My only concern is the size. I have compared the measurements to my East West and it seems not as long/wide and not at tall which makes me question if it will be big enough.

    I normally tend to carry purse, makeup bag, mobile and bits and bobs in my VIP liner. I know there are front pockets for my mobile and other things and also know I can return it as it is a buy it now, just don't want to get neg feedback.

    What are your thoughts on the size since you have a few and how does it compare to the East West or is it really the size of the Ledbury but even smaller.:shrugs:
  4. Have you considered any of the other Darwin Darlings - in particular I'm thinking of the Emmy or Alana (as you think the Rosemary is too big I assume the Alana and Phoebe are out) both of which are smaller but not as small as the Blenheim?[1]

    [1] Not that I've measured them, but I've seen them carried.
  5. I never had a Blenheim although it looks beautiful. I perceive it smaller than both Ledbury and e/w. Hopefully someone with a Blenheim can fill in.

  6. Well, funny you should say that. I looked at the Emmy but was not sure if the Emmy was the same bag as the Alana, but the Alana seemed to have a single shoulder strap which I preferred.

    Now, the issue was, when my OH/DH looked at it, (not being at all interested in bags,) he said it reminded him of an elephant. :lolots: I now of course can only see that when I look at it, Doh!!!!:nuts:

    So I am in a dilema as I really think from looking at the pictures I can find of the Alana, that it is more the size I want.

    Why oh why can't they do the Blenham in a slightly larger size, or do they????:graucho:

    Is that wishful thinking.:thinking::shrugs:
  7. Yeh, Lakrits, thats my worry. I like small but not sure if I like "That small".:shocked:
  8. "I normally tend to carry purse, makeup bag, mobile and bits and bobs in my VIP liner."

    Hi Tarababe - the Blenheim really isn't very big (although the strap is quite long for a small bag!) & won't accommodate all of your normal stuff - I think it's too small for a liner. I don't own either E/W bays or Ledbury but would say it's most definitely smaller than both, from having seen in stores.

    I agree with metalic glove that the leather is gorgeous though and this one is a really fabulous colour - it's just as well there's no chocolate in the house at the moment....!
  9. any pics in the gallery?
  10. :drool:

    Yes. Very true.

    I think you have answered my question really, I think it is too small.:tdown:

    I can't find any on the search, but then again I never seem to find anything when I search. Must be doing it wrong.:nuts:

  11. Oh Metalic glove if you could post me a pic of the bag with it's contents that would be so much appreciated. As I have just said I feel it may be too small but at least then I could really be sure.:graucho:
  12. There's a few pics in the Catwalk thread - go into the thread itself & then click on "search this thread" top right above the first post - stick in Blenheim & then peruse!

  13. Nope, can only find the Cat walk chat thread. I am useless.:sad:

  14. Nope, can only find the Cat walk chat thread and nothing comes up when I search. I am useless.:sad:
  15. Hi i've found some pics on the "photo reference thread" which compares the Blenheim, Rosemary and Roxanne. It's pics 277 - 280
    It's actually a really good thread as it shows lots of the different syles of bag.

    The bag you've posted looks in really nice condition, so it would be a good one to go for.
    I wouldn't worry about getting a neg for returning a bag. The seller accepts returns so you won't have any problems.