Bleh, my first accusation of having a fake....

  1. Well, I finally got accused of having a fake :::gasp:::. I know it happens to all of us, but it still bugged me and made me feel pretty crappy.

    I was walking into a class like 5 mins. ago and two girls (one with a very badly alligned Coach) blurted out to her friend. "Yuk, that girl has like the worst fake!" and in a tizzy of giggles they scampered away. Yes, someone had a fake, but it wasn't me. :crybaby:

    I know it shouldn't bug me because I know it's real, but still.

    Sorry, just had to vent. :shrugs:
  2. I am so sorry, that sucks especially when the perpetrator actually did have a fake!
  3. Awww... that's horrible. They were pretty rude (and ignorant)! I'm sorry you had to go through that.

    I've often been asked if my purses were real... one of my co-workers asked how much one of my Gucci bags cost, and if it was real... it sounded like she was implying that I could never afford any high-end bags. I've never been accused directly of having a fake, though... maybe behind my back. But it just goes to show how little these people know about the brands we love.

    I would be upset too if that happened to me, but knowing that I have the real deal makes me feel better in the long run.
  4. Oh no, how rude! Don't feel bad, they were just ignorant or jealous, there always be people like that. All that matters is that YOU know it's real. Which bag was it?
  5. Are you sure she wasn't talking about her own bag? :lol:
  6. That's the worst!!

    Recently I was out with my boyfriend and his friends and my boyfriend made a joke about my "bag obsession" and then his friend said, "yeah but your bag isn't real though right?" and I was like "Uhhhh YES IT IS!!" and he was like, "Oh sorry I just figured it was fake because the real ones are so expensive".

    It annoyed me that he would assume I couldn't afford a real Louis Vuitton....but c'est la the end it's YOU that knows you've got the real thing so as much as these types of comments suck...try not to let it get you too down.
  7. How rude. I am sorry it happened.
  8. OMG I would have had to say something! Although, nothing witty comes to mind.
  9. That girl sounds like a loser!! She was probably just saying that to make herself feel better - it's very typical bully behaviour - try to talk down to somebody to make themself feel better.
  10. Hi, I absoloutly know how you feel, when I took my Keepall on a high school holiday I was asked by two teachers "Is your bag real"...I was like OMG yeah its colour is patina...But that didnt really bother me that much because with all the other deigner stuff that I had (stuff that you cant fake) they new I wasnt lying. But something that really bugged me was a year ago when I had a monogram wallet (my first LV) then I got a keepall (my old one) and a friend of mine came my house and saw my LV but didnt sat anything to my face but must have talked to some of his friends about it. Then one day I went out with him and one of his friends (whos a girl) and she said she liked my wallet (I didnt take my keepall) then she asked was it real and I said yes (which it was)...later that day me and my friend had a dissagreement so I walked off waiting for the train by myself...then I heard his friend (the girl) say "Look theres a woman over there will REAL Louis Vuitton" and that bugged me cause she was saying that my LV was fake. I later thought to myself...How would she know about real LV when she has never had any and doesnt even know how to spell Louis Vuitton lmao haha :lol:

    PLEASE NOTE - Im no longer friends with these people
  11. I forgot to add...that next time anyone says you have a fake or says to me I have a fake...Im going to bring all the papers etc that I got with my bags and show these people them haha
  12. i know... its very annoying wen others think your bag is fake..
    and then the other night, my friend tried to tell me that louis vuitton is a total stupid waste of money and a selfish indulgence and i got mad...
    i told her that as long as you're not going broke or making other ppl pay for your addiction, its nobody's business what you spend it on!
    then she told me if we spent 50 dollars to buy a fake one instead of a real one, then everyone is happy! :wtf: i was shocked! i just didnt know what to say to her :s
  13. ! I would have smacked her in the face!

    Well, maybe not. But I would have wanted to really badly.
  14. booo.. those girls were plain nasty.
    They should not be making any comments on others when they should comment on themselves!
    Cheer up...btw what were you using (LV?)
  15. Skanks! Sorry that happened to you. A fake Coach, does it get any worse than that?