1. So I am a coach SA and I just got done working the new floorset and I must say that the new Bleeker XL Duffle with the 2 pockets in the front is the BEST BAG EVER!!! Ive been at coach for awhile now and I haven't loved a bag as much as I love this one! It is gorgeous! I love the tatersall lining and the braid detail! Its $748.00 but I LOVE IT!!! Just had to share! You guys gotta go check it out! :smile:
  2. Do you have a picture!! :smile: :smile:

    Are there any smaller ones? This one is a bit out of my price range..I'm looking more towards the 350$ and under range.
  3. ^ the small duffle that can be converted to a crossbody is nice as well and its 328

    that one also has the tatersall (looks plaid to me to be honest) lining

    all bleeker so far has it from what i've seen

    but the most gorgeous bag and a bit out of that price range, is the patent gallery tote in a deep red (the lining is just as deep if not more so RED) at 398
  4. There is a smaller flap but its just not the same! Even if you cant afford it you have to go touch it!!! :smile: Its really light weight for such a LARGE bag! All of the tattersall accessories are really cute too. Im eyeing the cosmetic case and the planner! The new store book will be out tomorrow and the website should be updated in the morning as well.
  5. Ooh is the small duffle in signature print?

    I think that a duffle would be a good first bag?
  6. there's a signature version of it.

    i think if you love signature, go for it, but for a first bag its always nice to get leather so it ages with you IMHO.

    i love the colors they offer but i'd jump quickly on that wine, raisin and green...whose name i cannot remember.

    they will definitely sell out quick

    the pink even more so

    the shape of it when taken out of the bag looks a bit awkward but we'll see when i put some weight in it tmr! (to get it out of the 'stuffed' shape because its packaged so)
  7. How tall are you? I have the Bleeker Elisa Laced X-Large Duffle and was contemplating returning it as I do not like the closure. I also thought it was too large on me - I am 5 ft 2 " and weigh 118 lbs. I thought it took me over although I do love the bag. It looks great on my SA who is 5ft 8 inches tall.
  8. Have you seen our new Coach issued scarves??? TATTERSALL!!!!! :heart::heart:
  9. Is the signature small flap hobo very small? I love the way it looks on the site and I've been dying to see it in person!
  10. Really, is it that large, the Felicia is alot bigger - the Elisa is 13 inches long, i am having hard time seeing it as a huge bag, this is the only reason i wont get it, i dont think its large enough, especially for the price, compared to the felicia which is larger and less expensive - i think i am confused....
  11. I don't know that I have pictures of the Elisa at home on my personal computer and I returned her today. She is really large - slim in width but huge on a petite gal. I do have the Felicia which I love as well - I just wish that she was brown like the Elisa. I will post pictures tonight of the Elisa so you can see how large she really is. The Elisa is a beautiful bag though - I just don't know that I will keep her. I have the Legacy Leigh Bag coming in Raisin this week and I really need to stop buying bags at least until next year.
  12. I love both the Felicia and Elisa but when I went to the Coach website and used the "try this bag on " feature I saw the true ginormous--ness of these two bags!
    I love them but I won't own them:crybaby:.
  13. Just curious how much is your discount on that bag?
  14. Hi Liz, how big is Felicia. I'm 4'11 and I don't mind a big bag. Is it a light bag and what is the British Tan color really like?
  15. wow- the elisa does look bigger when you do that comparison - odd, because the felicia is 3 inches longer - hmm, maybe i will order the elisa then....