Bleeker wristlet?

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  1. I did not see any in my outlet, but I am on the east coast. Very cute though
  2. I have not seen the Bleecker Capacity Wristlets at outlet yet, only the small ones. The original price is $98 + tax. so maybe you would save $20 if you did a bin. I am totally about immediate gratification, but if you aren't then wait and see if you can get it for less. It is quite nice though and can hold lots!!
  3. i bought this at my outlet but in all leather in wine for 56...they had the small ones in wine as well for 32...but wine was the only color that my outlet had
  4. They still have them on the website so IDK if they would be in the outlets yet.
  5. Yes...these are in the outlets. I saw them yesterday and bought one in khaki/wine. They were $56.
  6. Me too usually, but there are some things that I can wait on. I think that my bank account could have a lot of influence on that decision though :p

    Thanks girls! I am glad I didn't buy it for $79.99 then! I can wait to see if I can get one cheaper.