Bleeker wallet,

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  1. I am on the hunt for my final wallet, the one that has to last for years... Does anyone have this and are the pic's posted with what it will hold?

    thank you,

  2. I have it in the british tan. It's one of my fav wallets...possibly the most practical and roomy wallet they have (IMO)!! I don't have pics really, but it does hold a TON!! The only caveat is that you can't zip things up in it like you can the large ziparounds...but then those I find too annoying to get cards in and out of the slots. I like the Bleecker checkbook wallet more!
  3. ^^ Thank you, I'm look for something that has slot that the cards slide into (side ways) I"m finding it annoying with wallets that the cards push down into. I was hoping to see irl pic's of this wallet.
  4. There are actually a lot of card slots. I can take pics later for you if nobody posts them!
  5. ^^ thank you,
  6. I have it in black it fits everything!
  7. ^^ thank you,good to know it hold a lot.

    Can you tell me, is there a zipper on the outside, is it easy to open when the wallet is full?
  8. I have this wallet too, just got it in the gold/khaki signature version. The checkbook is completely removeable as well as having six additional card slots behind the checkbook. The zipper is easy to open on the back of the wallet and the pocket is the entire length of the wallet. I keep my store cards/punch cards in there, and change in a mini-skinny.




  9. So, what'd ya decide?? I am dying to know!!
  10. Hi, I've got the ink colour but right now I'm using the Bleecker mini compact wallet because it's smaller and lighter and I love the snap change purse.


    Here's my compact wallet:

    [​IMG]...oh, but it's 10,000 times prettier IRL.

    Take care,
  11. Ok, I see someone posted great photos, but I just wanted to come back and make a comment I saw on another thread that I didn't think about. The one thing I do not like about this wallet is the snap. I don't mind magnetic snaps that close easily, but this a regular snap that can be a pita. In that respect, I do prefer something like the Hamptons or Legacy slim envelope wallets because turnlocks are so much easier to deal with.

    Just wanted to point that out in case it was a consideration for you! Good luck with your hunt, and I hope you find the perfect wallet soon!!
  12. I have one in the black sig that I just recently bought at the outlet, and I absolutely LOVE this wallet... I wouldn't have chose a different one, it fits all my things nicely in it, without too much bulk! :yes:
  13. I also wish it was magnetic.. seems like they dropped the ball on that :rolleyes: Otherwise I think it's a great wallet.. keep in mind though that only the newer styles have the additional card slots behind the checkbook section.. I wish they all did. :yes:
  14. My reason for looking at this wallet. I tend to like the leather better then the signature fabric, I think it will end up lasting longer.
  15. Thats awesome, little bulk/lots of room is what i'm looking for :smile: