Bleeker Street Store. LOVE IT!!

Feb 18, 2007
Ok, so I live in Brooklyn, and have never been to any of the Manhattan Boutiques. I actually hate Manhattan because there are too many people that get in the way when you try to walk places. But my friend decided she wanted to go to a street fair in Times Square of all places so i went with her. When we were done we had tons of time to kill so we went to China town and ate then decided to walk the 20 or so blocks to Bleeker Street. It was soooo worth it. The SAs were amazing. Got the complimentary water, and they even offered bottles of water m=to my son and my friends son. I only bought the purse spray parfume which smells amazing and the new Hampton Multi Stripe ponytail scarf, but I love them both. I wanted to walk out with so much more but I couldn't. The SA also gave us 4 coupons for Magnolia bakery but it was almost 8 so we decided to wait till another day. Well, I bought the scarf for my bags but I love it in my hair. I have very thin stick straight locks and it stays like a dream, so I think it is never going to see a bag :biggrin:

Mar 17, 2007
Sounds like a great experience and day. Congrats on your purchases. Next time I go to the city, I'll have to check that store out!
May 27, 2006
Wish I could pull off a scarf like that!:tup: Your day sounds in there sounds like mine & several others. I like knowing that the SAs & customer service in that particular boutique are always outstanding!!!