Bleeker Shopper Arrived - Is it right on me?

  1. After stalking FedEx today, my Bleeker Shopper arrived.

    It is BIG! I have a couple Gallery Totes, but this is bigger. Even the zipper is big! The longer handles are throwing me a bit. Does the 'bigness' of it make it look cheap?

    On a positive note, the black leather/signature is really classy.
    What do you think? Excuse the Uggs - was out in the snow getting the mail.


  2. I think it looks great on you! It doesn't look too big at all.
  3. Two thumbs up here. Especially nice with that color and style of sweater and skirt - you look ready to shop for more :tup:.
  4. I love it! I have a tan one coming in a few days and I'm so glad to see you modeling yours! However, if you don't love it, I would return it! That's a lot of money for a bag you don't LOVE ;) I think it looks great on you though :tup:
  5. SHE LOOKS AMAZING ON YOU!!!!!! GREAT choice!!!! ENJOY her...she is NOT too big at all!!!!!!!!!
  6. I think it looks nice on you and not too large at all!
  7. Yes it does look classy on you! It doesn't look big, it looks substantial!
  8. I was just about to say the same thing!!!
  9. I agree :yes: It looks fantastic on you!! Some bags just look really good on certain people and I think that bag and you are a match! :love:
  10. It looks great! I love that bag now!
  11. I don't find it big at all. I think that this bag looks beautiful on you. Definitely a keeper IMO!
  12. Looks just right on you, not oversized at all.
  13. Oh, wow! That bag is gorgeous! It's perfect on you! It looks fabulous!
  14. OMG!!!!! i gotta have that bag.:yes::drool:
  15. I think is cool. Is like the mama of my wristlet. Same color. Looks very nice on you! If I love my wristlet I am sure you will love your bag! It is an expensive one, (at least for me it is) so you are lucky to have it!!!Here is her baby: