Bleeker question

  1. Sorry if this has been asked but I tried to do a search and didn't find my question answered. So I'm just wondering where did everyone who already have the Bleeker buy them? I couldn't see it in the website yet. Where do you get all the info and pics on these new line?
  2. You call their 1800 number. =)
  3. I asked about the Bleecker in my boutique and they ordered me the medium chocolate signature bleecker duffle....I wound up not really liking the style after STARING at her intensely for over a week, so I returned her! If you would like to see pics, please PM me w/ your email address!!!
  4. Thanks Mommyville! But I am really interested in the small hobo I saw in the catalog someone posted here. Just trying to explore all possibilities before I plunge and buy the Choco Legacy (courtesy of your great reviews) this Saturday:yes:
  5. They should show you the pictures of what will be in the stores so you can see if any of it interests you or not. That way you could be sure to use the discount before it runs out.