Bleeker question for PCE!

  1. There are some people here who were able to buy a Bleeker wallet using their PCE coupon. How were they able to do that if the Bleeker collection isn't displayed on the floor yet? Is there a catalog that I can ask to look at and order from there? I just wondered what they told the girls at the store to get their Bleeker?:confused1:
  2. Someone posted the catalog on here, so you could look at that. Or you can probably ask at the store to see a catalog. They won't let you keep it or at least they didn't let me keep it but she let me look at it. But if you check the catalog on here, you can just get the item numbers of what you want and then order them at the store!
  3. Oh and you're not supposed to get the PCE for the Bleeckers. I, as well as some other lucky people, were fortunate enough to have very nice SA's that gave us the discount secretly. But you never know, maybe you'll get a nice one too!
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm not familiar with the SA's there. This will be first time buying something from the actual Coach Store. It just opened up at my mall in May.