Bleeker question (and story about defective exchange)

  1. Hello everyone, I have had a couple of rough weeks dealing with exchanges at my local Coach store (and I have many to choose from and this one has the best customer service). In spring, I bought a lovely Legacy shoulder bag in the pond (light blue) color. Within a few weeks of carrying it, I noticed a yellowish tint developing on the bag. I have never had a legacy bag before or in this light of a color so I thought it was normal. Then I stumbled across this beloved forum and realized that this color change was in fact a defect!

    I bought it into my nearest Coach store and they said it was due to sun damage (which I knew was not the case). So I trekked to the bigger store downtown and the manager said it was a common problem among the lighter colors Coach makes (especially blue and green) and offered me an exchange (I guess they do not give merchandise credit anymore). So I exchanged it for the ergo patent tote in mahogany. I used it for about ten times then switched to the ergo vintage flap I bought at my first PCE. Last night I checked on my patent in its tote bag and found little bits of patent flaking off! :wtf: I then read online that patent will eventually peel off like nail polish. And I only had it about six weeks at this point!

    So today I bought it back into the downtown store and exchanged it for a Bleeker shoulder tote. The manager who did this exchange was not as nice as the first and said it would be a final sale as this was my second exchange. She said the computer will ask questions if too many exchanges are done (I know for a fact the manager can override it). I then explained I was a considerate customer and that I returned those other bags due to obvious defects and was not abusing their return policy. She just smiled blankly and we completed the transaction. What's worse, 30 minutes later I returned to the store because the lanyard I bought (did not see it before it went into the box) had a big deep scratch in it. Another manager was on duty and I exchanged it with no problems. I then took the opportunity to tell this manager my "exchange saga" and ask if there was a problem with this Bleeker, can I bring it back or is it a final sale? She said it was fine, and as she was in a rush, I did not press her on it. I should have checked to see if there was some sort of red flag in my customer file (retail does this all the time) but I did not. So now I feel sad, angry, and uncertained that Coach will stand behind their products as they say they do. Maybe from now on, I will only buy Coach at Nordstroms... but would you be able to take it for repair there (like at Coach store)? Or is it only a refund?

    My bleeker question is, how durable is this leather? Is it prone to scratches? I know it has not been on the market long and I appreciate any details on how it has worn for you.

    Oops, I am editing this thread: My second question regarding the bleeker is, on the coach website, the bleeker large tote is shown featuring the horse and buggy not only on the front of the bag but on one end of the strap as well. Mine does not have this?! Does your bleeker (especially if you have the same one as mine) have it or does your bleeker (whichever style) does not look exactly like its coach photo?
  2. I cannot tell you anything about the return policy. I myself thought that if a product Coach made had defects that they would give you a new one no questions asked. It sounds like they are changing their liberal return policy. I find this disturbing given the amount of money we spend on these bags. I have the Ergo Patent Hobo in
    Mahogany and I have had no flaking at all on my bag and find it very durable. What Bleeker Shoulder tote are you speaking of and what is the item number. There is the Bleeker Duffle and the Bleeker Lge Flap No. 11419. I own the Bleeker Duffle. I did have
    the Bottle Green Bleeker Flap and the horse and buggy Logo is just on the front flap.
    As for the Duffle Coach is stamped on the bottom of the bag. I own the Bleeker Large Duffle in the Rust, while I have not worn it yet you should note that this is a burnished leather and it will scratch. This does not bother me as the scratches mean that I am using and loving my bag and this is just a normal occurence with use. If this bothers you, you should consider getting a darker color like bottle green, ink, or wine.
  3. I agree with Liz. While some do abuse the liberal return policy, there are plenty of us that don't so to treat you as if you are abusing it is unacceptable. The bags are defective and they admitted that so why make you feel like you did something wrong? I have a bleeker flap which I love and have had no issues with yet but I've had it just a week. I don't think you'll have any problems with it though so long as you understand the nature of the leather, whether it will scratch or not. Most of the leathers that scratch also rub out easily and look better with wear.
  4. I have the Bleecker large flap 11419 in rust. I hope it wears well (because I don't like having to keep returning things) and it just leaves me drained, emotionally. Would you suggest I give coach customer service a call about this or just let it go?

    And I think because of this, whether there are cute styles coming out, I will be laying off the coach for a while. I will still check the forum though. :smile:

  5. hhyphywifey:

    I too am done with Coach for a while. I think that your Bleeker Large Flap in Rust will wear very well and that you will love it. I have the Bleeker Duffle No. 11423 in Rust
    [​IMG]and the Bleeker Laced Flap in Walnut No. 11446 [​IMG]. I have carried this flap bag for the past week and I love it and it wears well. I think that you will love it too. I have alot of bags from Coach right now and I may try another handbag maker
    in the future. I guess I have been lucky as I have not really had any issues with a bag flaking or the stitching coming out on a bag. I just feel it is my perogative to return something if I don't like it as it is my money. I don't think that Coach should give you a hard time for returning defective merchandise which should not have passed their quality inspection. I love the rust color and know that you will love your bag. Good luck!