Bleeker Products on the Macy's and Coach Website

  1. When I checked out what Coach products Macy's had, I saw there was a Bleeker Signature Mini Skinny:

    Now the Coach website has the wristlet that matches this, but not this mini skinny, only the leather one. Does anyone know if the Coach store is going to sell the signature minis and if so is it going to come in the brown/brown combo like the wristlet?
  2. I was in the Macy's in Dayton, Ohio today and saw alittle bit of the Bleeker line. They had the large flap and the large duffle in black, British Tan and Green.

    I must say the hardware is fabulous on these bags, a nice vintagy feeling brass. And the leather, very very nice.

    I never thought I would own a Coach bag but I think a large duffle will be mine.

    Now what color...hmm.