Bleeker Large Duffle

  1. Any one know how much the Bleeker large duffle is at the outlets? Thanks:smile:
  2. I bought the buckskin large duffle for $239, but it was a return & the only one there.

    Have the signature ones hit the outlets?
  3. I don't know. My friend who is new to Coach wants the duffle in leather. I saw someone here said they saw them at the outlets.
  4. I got one in Ink yesterday for $170. I got the accessories too!:yes:
    bleecker bags and stuff 011.jpg
  5. i saw the leather ones at the outlets last weekend (birch run, mi). the wine color caught my eye and they had some hunter green ones and a brown, but more of an orange-y brown if i remember correctly. no signature. for signature, style # 11438 is currently on sale for $279 on, if that helps. :smile: