Bleeker Hobo Colors?

  1. Does anyone know if the regular size (not small) Bleeker hobo comes in wine? I see on the Coach website that the smaller one does and am just wondering if the "regular" size sold out in that color online and I might find one at a store????:confused1:
  2. Yes, you might want to call first but they should have it in the stores.
  3. I bought one today in the stores. I think that you will love the wine color. It is very lovely.
  4. Are you talking about the zipper hobo? Does the medium come in brown? THe website shows that the small does but not the medium. In the stores maybe?
  5. The medium sadly does not come in brown :sad: I asked..and then asked and triple checked lol. Only in small!
  6. Well...that really makes no sense to me. :sad: Is the small REALLY small? What is the size difference between a small and medium? THanks!