Bleeker Duffles at Marshalls

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  1. I just bought an Ink Bleeker Duffle at Marshalls for $180.00 I have wanted one for a long time, I love the tattersall lining in it!!!:heart:

    They also had the legacy Straw basket bag for $250, and a stitched scribble bag for $180.00. I also spotted a fake, so watch out,i turned it over to the manager. I could not walk out of there leaving that piece of crap hanging on the rack for $80.00. He even said it did not look real. I showed him the fake C lining and he cut it up so it would not go back on the rack!!

  2. Was that the large or small ink duffle?? Also the stitched Scribble..was the the 2005 line?? Sorry for so many questions, but I had noticed the Bleeckers, but only in brown so far here, and no Scribbles. I'm still looking for an older 2005 tote I stupidly failed to get the last time I saw it at Maxx. :sad:

    Yeah, I also found a couple of fakes at Marshalls and Maxx before too, so watch out for sure!! At least your manager took action. Both times I turned them in, they did place them behind the counter, but I bet they went back out on the floor once I left!! I guess they didn't believe me, but I know for certain the bags were fakes.
  3. It is the small one. Not sure of the scribble year, but it is the one where the stitched the Cs on it. It was a speedy style and I would have bought it but it had some discoloration on it where it looked like water stains
  4. I bet if I get up and go now they won't have anything....and since I said that I know it'll be a bunch that everyone will buy before I get a chance to see.
  5. was that the large duffle or the medium? great price on either one.

    I'm impressed with the manager cutting up the fake and you spotting & reporting it. good going!!!
  6. It is the one that retails for $328. It is the medium I guess because I have seen a really small one, It is still on the website, just not in Ink. I love love looooooove the ink though. i have never owned a blue bag!!!! It is soo pretty in the sunlight!
  7. ^^ink is certainly a fabulous color. It's like a gorgeous midnight blue. Congrats! I would be rushing in to my Marshall's & TJMaxx today if I hadn't already gone on a wild shopping spree yesterday. So now I'm banned but sweetly satisfied, too.
  8. I've never even looked at my marshall's for COACH, maybe I'll go out there tonight! And CONGRATS to you!!!!
  9. They have two at the Marshalls near me, but sadly I can't justify the purchase right now. :crybaby: