Bleeker duffles.....are they heavy?

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  1. I want something fairly lightweight for a chicago shopping trip. My leigh is too heavy, my med carly is too heavy. Would the bleeker duffle work, how about an ergo tote.
    What do you suggest....I prefer leather over sig.
  2. I have a medium leather bleecker duffle and do not find it heavy at all. Still, my lightest bag is the ergo hobo. That might be a good option too.
  3. I would pick an ergo tote over a large bleecker duffle for a trip, but if you want the medium duffle then you can wear it cross-body and that would probably be nice to have.
  4. did they make the medium in INK?

  5. yes.. check ebay.. I have seen duffles go for a good price.
  6. The duffles are great bags for travel! Crossbody is so comfortable and they hold quite a bit. Personally, I hate fussing with a bag when I'm traveling or running around with kids...the bleeker duffles are great!
  7. Hello..

    I live here in Chicago, and frequently use my medium bleeker duffle, it is soooo light and easy to use around the city. I love them!
  8. Thanks ladies! I will check ebay and see what's there!