Bleeker Duffle

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  1. Hello ladies! I usually hang out over at the MJ forum.

    The big question is this...Is it to late for me to find the bleecker duffle anywhere besides ebay?
  2. Hi! I saw the medium size one (style#11422) at my local outlet as well as Macy's and Dillard's as recently as last week. Good luck!
  3. They have been at the outlets this summer, you may be able to find one there.
  4. Ive been to the outlet by me and I was told that they were all gone.
  5. I was at Macy's today and they had only to bleeker duffles left and they were onsale! I almost bought one, but I didn't.
  6. I was just at a TJ Maxx store with my friend over the was the one in the same complex as Microcenter in St. David's or Wayne, PA?? At least I think that's the area, and I saw the Bleecker leather patchwork bag...a $700 bag for $350! (NOT the holiday patchwork one). Like the one in this link:

    Not sure what they sold at the outlets for, but I originally bought mine on Ebay a while ago for a bit more than $350. I love that bag because of the woven ring shorter strap.

    Otherwise I did see a wine Bleecker duffle at TJ Maxx in East Windsor early last week for $250, and somewhere else a buckskin duffle...the smaller size, but I don't remember that price.

    I think the outlets are way cheaper...I got my wine duffle for $175 back a while ago, and I think the smaller duffles are around $143 or so now if you can find them. Also check Woodbury outlet...they had some last time I was there.

    Good luck!!
  7. Oh yeah...Short Hills Macys had the canary and buckskin medium size (smaller one).
  8. I got a sig. bleecker duffle at the outlets a couple months ago for 143!
  9. I dint even think of short hills:nuts:
  10. I got a black leather one (med) at Dillards last week for $143.
    Good luck!
  11. I also just bought my black leather Bleecker medium duffle at Dillards a week ago. It was on clearance, but they had several.

    Though I did just find the siggy one on ebay for $64!!!
  12. Unfortunately I dont have a dillards near me.
  13. Until I moved to Tennessee I'd never even heard of Dillard' not surprising. :rolleyes:

    Not sure where you live....but do you have Belk or Macy's??? Maybe Nordstrom? Try one of those....they might have something. You might call any Coach outlets near you too and see if they have any available still. If the department stores are carrying them, there might be a good chance some of the outlets still have them.

    Or, you might just call JAX and see if they can tell you anything.

    Good luck!!!

  14. I saw a couple at Carlsbad a few weeks ago.
  15. nordstrom rack had the holiday patchwork bleecker. i bought one and there was one left. perfect condition. $199.

    NR in the Source Mall, Westbury NY