Bleeker Cooper Perforated in White Reveal

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  1. Mod Shots - Love this purse :heart:

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  2. Gorgeous!! Congrats. She looks great on you.
  3. Nice!
  4. It looks great in white!! Very nice!
  5. That is such a beautiful bag and it looks great on you! Enjoy.
  6. Looks great on you! I ordered this in tan and after seeing it on you am very excited to get it...congrats!!
  7. Gorgeous bag, looks great on you. Congrats
  8. Love it!
  9. Thanks everyone! The tan was lovely too, for those who have ordered or may order, but I really fell for the white:biggrin:
  10. Very pretty!! I get mine in tan tomorrow.. excited!
  11. Pretty! I'm going to order one of the color block coopers, but can't decide on which one.
  12. Pretty and looks great on you! Congrats!
  13. Wow - it looks so beautiful in the white! And AWESOME on you! Congrats and thanks for sharing. Enjoy her! :smile:
  14. Congratulations! Love that white.
  15. Congrats! I had been considering the tan but now I much prefer the white! Enjoy!