1. ....just in case you didn't see the drilldowns

  2. Do you know when it will come out on the USA site?
  3. that's where i got most of the pictures in the 2 other threads.

    @indigo: not everything will come out in the US. my SA was saying to write down the style numbers (they are the same in US & Jap) and ask customer service.
  4. Oh no. I sure hope the fuschia one comes out in US.
  5. Oh how I wish we could use PCE on Bleecker orders! bummer...... :crybaby:
  6. it's magenta, and it probably will. i asked my SA about it and right now they MIGHT. it's in the little book that's behind the desk, so you should take down the style number and call just to make sure.

    i don't know about some of the patchwork styles though...
  7. Can someone please post the link to the Japan site? I didn't save it and now I can't find the thread where it's posted. Thanks!!

    You can always access it from the usa coach site. It is located at the bottom of the homepage on the right side. The japanese characters should give it away.:smile:
  9. Got it...thanks for the link and the tip!! :tup:
  10. Those are amazing bags!!!!! I love the bleeker hobo. When do they come to the U.S. site? Or do you have to go to a boutique to get one? thanks!
  11. They aren't displayed in the boutiques yet but you can order them from JAX. I think the boutiques might be getting them in b/c my store had some of the tattersall stuff in the back that they brought out for me to peek at. I didn't ask about the rest of the bleecker line.
  12. Hello, the fuschia will be out in October and I think my SA said only in the large duffle and a zip jewelry case that is 4x7 x3. But, you never know what will turn up. I hope that helps you.
  13. No problem! I found it on accident and am glad I could share!
  14. Thanks for the info, kphillips and Rainbow!!!! I love the slouchy look of these bags....
  15. Thanks for the info! I love the brown bag with the 2 front pockets!