Bleeker Capacity Wristlets

  1. does anyone own one of these? I really want one but I'd like to know what you can fit in it. I already own the Hamptons wristlets in two different colours but I find they're a really tight fit after my phone which is slim and my lipstick and I only have room for my creditcard after. Is there going to a huge difference if I get this one?

  2. oh my goodness you can fit a lot in the Bleecker wristlet.. it's my favorite one.

    Right now I carry this wristlet in my Heritage multifunction tote so it kinda serves as my purse when I am out with the kiddos

    I have... a seriously fat phone... wad of cash (don't usually have this much on me) couple of credit cards, DL, and some other cards and make up and Coach Perfume.

    It's bulging right now because I don't usually have a wad of cash in there.. I had a return today:shame:

    I took some pics for reference. ;)
    IMG_0674.JPG IMG_0675.JPG IMG_0676.JPG IMG_0677.JPG
  3. ^^ Wow that's impressive!
  4. damn...that is a lot. haha thanks for the pictures! hopefully they'll have the colour I want in stores when I go on Thursday!!
    were you REALLY able to squeeze all that makeup in there? that's crazy!
  5. ^^^ yep everything pictured was in that wristlet! I'm telling you, the thing is HUGE! I love it!
  6. wow thats holds a ton.
  7. Thanks for the I want one!:tup:
  8. I use mine for a makeup bag - so it has my entire makeup collection in, blush & large brush, 3 different eye shadows, 2 pencils, my mascara, two lipstics and powder. I also have a small perfume in there. I carry the wristlet in my Large Patent Leather Gallery Tote with my bleeker checkbook wallet. It's perfect and holds all of my makeup - in fact, I could put more in!

    A definite buy!
  9. Wow, that does hold a lot! I think that may have to go on my wishlist.... :biggrin:
  10. Love those wristlets... hmm... now i might have to go and buy me one!
  11. I love mine! I use mine as a wallet in my Carly. I put my checkbook in the flap part, and then cash, credit cards, license, ID, pens, 2 usb flash drives, and when necessary my phone and keys... and I still have plenty of room. it does hold a ton!
  12. I keep one in my bags with two pill cases, 3 lip glosses, cash and cards, and there's still tons of room. It's big enough to use as a small purse when you go out too! I have 2, both all leather--british tan and wine. My favorite wristlet ever!
  13. It was actually too big for me!!! I got one and wanted to use it as my wallet but I couldn't think of enough things to put in it, lol!
  14. The hamptons signature tote wristlet is pretty big too!!! I have one in khaki/geranium, and it fits so much stuff in it!!! :tup: I think it might be even bigger than the bleecker??
  15. I bought the Bleeker Capacity Wristlet in khaki/wine over the weekend at the outlet! I love love love it!!!