Bleeding problem - White MC Rift

  1. I bought mine in Jan 06....I noticed there's a little bit red/pink color on the side of the front (near the edge of the vachetta), i will say it's a very very light are not able to see it unless u take a close look of the bag. I am just worried it will become serious. Does anyone who own this bag has the same problem?
  2. there has been quite a few threads about this recently. i would take it back to the store
  3. Oh...let me go look at mine right quick...

    No marks what so ever on mine...I have had it over a year and maybe carried it 5 times.
  4. Oh no!!! Another bleeding MC...
  5. I just took a pic of my I said the pink is very very light, so I circled it....if you compare the pure white at the side, you are able to tell the difference. Any thoughts?
    MC Rift.jpg
  6. Oh dear....that would drive me crazy! Take it into your boutique for sure and see what they say!!
  7. Yes, it is obvious. Please take it to the store and I hope they can do something!
  8. It may be just the rubbing from what you are wearing.
  9. um...i don't think that's the case as I used it for less than 10 times and I really took extra care when using it....I am so sad now....
  10. I heard of this happenening A LOT!!!
  11. what is the material of the lining? are they all the same for all MC white?
  12. For white MC, raspberry alcantara.
  13. This happened to me with my keepall and white shirley. That's why I always recommend people get black. lol. Doesn't stop me from buying it either tho. LV didnt think out their raspberry interior plan too thoroughly. Don't ever get the interior wet. Makes it happen worse.

    Don't put white accessories inside the white purses either. I have a terrible habit of carrying a coke or water bottle with me all the time inside my bag.
  14. uh oh, this means i better watch out for my white MC wapity also.....sadness :sad:
  15. It seems most white MC bags have this problem- black is a much safer choice.