BLEEDING INJURY from Konad Stamping Plate!! Be careful!

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  1. I just received my Konad last week. My first try was perfect and it was very easy to use. second try was a awful! I don't know how, but I CUT MYSELF WITH THE STUPID STAMPING PLATE!

    I figure I must have cut myself when I was holding up the plate (by the sides) to wipe the nail polish off. The stupid backside is made of paper and it can lift if you get nail polish remover on it. Since the paper is really protecting you from the SHARP metal can easily cut yourself. I held the image plate on the other hand and noticed the very sharp edges. Needless to say, I immediately dropped it because if I had held it with more pressure I would have cut my other fingers too! I am so mad! They need to find a better way to make this product!

    I didn't even notice that I had cut myself and thought that I had gotten the nail polish onto my thumb. When I got the nail polish remover near the thumb, it hurt like a !@$#%. The cut is almost 3/4 cm long and it's not a paper-cut's deep!
  2. OH NO!
    Sorry to hear that... I've always used my plate holder in fear of doing something like that to myself!
    Hope your cut heals up soon!
  3. Oh dear, sorry to hear about your injury, yup, I am always careful with such stuff cos I get cut by paper and sharp things all the time.
  4. My skin is really thick and I hardly get paper cuts. This was like a sharp blade!

    Ladies be careful about the paper lifting form the metal blade because the metal by itself is VERY SHARP!!
  5. The plate does look sharp to me. How's your hand now?
  6. Me either. Maybe I'm just confused by what she was injured with. Looking at my Konad plates, it's just a round circle. And the paper on the back isn't protecting any sharp edges. Do you mean the scraper?

    I don't use the scraper because it doesn't work for me. I use a old credit card. However ladies, we should all be careful when using razor blades to do our Konads.
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    What I meant was that if there wasn't paper on the back of the metal circle, then the stamping plate would be very thin. Very thin metal=sharp blade. I used the Konad scraper with the image plate. The Konad scraper has a very dull and thick edge, not a sharp one.

    I also have pictures of my cut, but it looks gross and I don't think people would want to see it.

    Paper feeling from the metal plate.
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    It's gotten worse. Winter weather+dry heat=cut becomes bigger because it's now a bigger crack in the skin. I hope it will heal soon. I'm typing with without my thumb because it hurts to bend it now.

    The irony is that I did a Konadicure to make my nails look pretty, but now my nail/finger is covered by an ugly bandaid. :sad:

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  9. Yikes!

    I always use my plate holder as well so I'm not touching it... do you have one?
  10. I was so angry last night that I sent an email to the Konad US distributor and (the website where I purchased my Konad stuff).

    Wowsocool quickly emailed me back and told me that they would contact the Konad US distrubuting center about the sharp edges on the image plates. They also offered to mail me an image plate holder and 1 free image plate for free! I'm so glad that they actually read my email and are understanding about my situation.

    The Konad US distributors said that would contact the headquarters and manufacturers about making changes to the image plates.
  11. Hopefully, they will make some changes.

    I'm wishing that they'll get rid of that paper on the back and just make it one thick/blunt piece of metal. Or, they could put a rubber coating/ring around the edges...
  12. Wow, I'm glad they are doing something about your problem... that's great of them!
  13. I am glad too.
  14. I never realized that they were so sharp. I will have to be extra careful when using mine. Thanks for letting us know.