Bleeding in early pregnancy

  1. I was just talking w/my co-worker and she said she didn't know she was pregnant for 2 months because she had what she thought was her period. I have heard other women say the same thing and I am assuming that this was because of implantation bleeding occuring at the same time as your period.

    Is this very common? Anyone experience this? How can you tell implantation bleeding from your period?

    Just curious :shrugs:...
  2. I had that happen during all of my pregnancies-honestly, you can't always tell the difference. I finally figured it out because I was gaining weight but following Weight Watchers strictly. You still have the cramping, it can be just can't always tell. So even if you are bleeding but you suspect you could be, pop the 10 bucks and take the test.
  3. I´ve heard of this and I find it so strange, how are we to know if we are pregs or not!
  4. My friend's mom was 5 months pregnant before she found out because she was bleeding so many months! I agree that you can't always tell by missed periods, although you might be able to tell from full breasts in between periods, nausea and some other common symptoms.

    Taking the test is the responsible thing to do if you suspect that you are pregnant, cos you want to be taking care of yourself if you really are pregnant. Early bleeding can be dangerous to the baby.
  5. I bled the first month of pregnancy with my first child. and then with my second I only bled the third month and by then I had already knew i was pregnant so it made me very nervous and i went to the doctor. He said everything was fine and some women bleed the whole nine months and don't even know thier pregnant somtimes
  6. This might be a stupid question, but if you bleed, and you are pregnant, will it still show up on a pregnancy test?