Bleeding happens to ALL MCs??

  1. Hey Everyone!!

    I hear a lot of stories from you guys confirming that all white multicolours have a problem with bleeding....does this happen to all white MC's or only to some?

    Has this problem been fixed or does it still occur even in the new bags made??

  2. It sometimes does, mostly with the older versions of the bags. My Alma came from the very first shipment of MC bags to my store and the gussets of it have a TINY bit of pink in the middle. It's weird though because my Speedy was from one of the first shipments too and there isn't any transfer anywhere on it.
    I believe by now it has been fixed though.
  3. Cool thanks for me a bit worried as everytime everyone does write about their white MC's it is usually about the bleeding!

    I want to buy a white MC ursula you see and wasn't sure whether to go for a black MC speedy instead due to the problem with the bleeding....!

    Did you not take your bleeding bag back to the store??

  4. Both my speedy and keepall that I bought in 2003 did it, but not my Theda bag that I got a year later.
  5. So once they found out the problem, they solved it for the year later?

    Did people not take their bleeding bags back to their stores? Do all stores refund/exchange due to bleeding?

  6. I never have because I was able to remove it myself. It was really really faint pink and was only in a couple of spots. I took a Mr. Clean Magic eraser to it and it came right off.
  7. i have a the white mc speedy and i have no problems what so ever...i only use it during the spring and summer and when it's not being used i keep it in it's dust bag...
  8. They should..if you take it back into the store, they should be able to remedy it for you.
    I know the most recent occurence was with the Damier Speedy's that were released last summer. The first shipment had a problem with lining that bled but it has since been fixed.
  9. Oooo so I will have no problems IF I end up getting a white Ursula....... :smile:

    At least I know I can take it back to the store if this problem does occur!

  10. Nope, no worries..and if they give you trouble at one store, take it to another, that's what the people with the bleeding Damier's did. :yes:
    Anyway though, the Ursula's shouldn't have any problems this far along since it's mostly the older bags that are affected.
  11. does the bleeding occur by the LV logos on the white canvas?

    or...the microfiber lining, if there is any? i.e. will damier bags with red microfibre lining bleed?
  12. No the bleeding is from the inside lining of the bag which is rasberry in colour on the white MC bags, and occurs on the edges of bags or the sections where the white canvas is touching the lining.

  13. The first batch of Damier Speedys produced had the bleeding flaw but has since been fixed.
  14. no bleeding here. i have 4 accessories from last year and all is good. go ahead and buy your bag. if it defects then return it!
  15. I don't think any of the accessories would be affected. Only if the bag is lined in the red alcantara.