Bleeding during second trimester!!!!?????

  1. I am 15 weeks pg, and on New Years Eve had some heavy bleeding and went to ER - they saw the baby HB, said baby was ok. Today I went to my Dr and she couldnt see anything that would bleed, but I am now on rest for 2 weeks. Has this happened to anyone else, bleeding with no explanation in the 2nd Tri? I am sooo stressed out over it!
  2. Hang in there girl! I will be praying for you!
  3. I did on my first baby....
    had bleeding on 2nd till 3rd trimester on and off...
    had frequent doctor visits and ultra sounds
    to check what was causing the bleeding but they did not find any....
    they said I could have a very sensitive cervix which could be the cause.
    so the doctors mostly have me rest and no sexual contact.

    Take care and always inform your doctor whenever you have bleeding.
    Hugs and prayers for you too:flowers:
  4. Thanks Ladies. Sarsi, your story makes me feel better knowing this has happened to someone else and all turned out ok, as my Dr mentioned if there is too much bleeding it can hurt the baby so am really taking it easy and resting, which is hard when I am at home knowing there is laundry to be done and a house to pick up!
  5. It hasn't happened to me but I'm wishing you and your baby the best!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I bled all the way from six and a half weeks to 24 weeks so throughout both the first and second trimester. I'm now week 34 so it just shows that you can have bleeding and go on to have a viable pregnancy. I had 5 u/s scans that showed bleeding in and around the placenta probaly from irritation after implantation and it was just this blood slowly coming out.

    I know how stressful it is - I was worried every minute of every day whilst bleeding but try and relax - I rested a LOT so try and do that, the laundry has to wait!! Wishing you all the best!
  7. Needanotherbag,

    I hope everything will be ok. Please pm me if you need someone to talk to.

    It happens to my friend when she was six months or so. The dr can't find the reason of bleeding too. she had a baby boy and he is now 7.

    VT Pooh
  8. Thank you soooo much ladies for your well wishes and for sharing your stories, it REALLY does help to hear that it has happened to others, and that all turned out ok. I'm on bed rest for 2 weeks until my next u/s, it's hard to stay in one spot with my thoughts all day, wondering if all is ok. I thought I felt baby move the other day, but not sure, I havent felt it again. I'm going to rest as much as possible and continue to pray this little one hangs in there in June arrives healthy.

    Thanks again ladies, I am so grateful to have tPF right now to occupy my time, and also have the support of such wonderful people.
  9. Oh I am hoping and praying that things go good for you and that the bleeding will stop soon. I know its hard but rest, rest, rest. Keep us updated.
  10. my thoughts and prayers are with you for everything to be ok and that the bleeding would stop soon.

    i'm always very worried whenever i'm, when i was expecting my second one, i rented one of those doppler unit from fetal assure ( and i can listen to my baby's heartbeat whenever i feel less/ no movement.
  11. Don't worry too much about not feeling the baby move again - you are only around 16 weeks and movements aren't that reliable until about 26 weeks, after that you will be getting kicked and thumped regularly! I first felt mine about 15 weeks - like someone was tapping on the inside of my abdomen briefly. Just try and stay positive - I know how hard it is but you are getting there. Bleeding during pg is suprisingly common as I have since found out since talking to others who have had babies.
  12. I had bleeding/spotting from 4.5 weeks to 12 weeks. And it really scared me at 12 weeks because I heard thats when it's supposed to stop. It frustrated me because the doctor said whatever is going to happen will happen and they can't do anything to stop it. UGH! I noticed a pattern on mine though... I had read sometimes when experience bleeding the whole way through and sometimes it is at the time when your period would normally come and your body is just confused... that seemed to be the case for me. It was always at the end of the month and my normal start day was the 26th. I'm wishing the best though... I know it's stressful to go through that. But they saw the heartbeat and your doctor didn't see anything too concerning so that's a good sign. My doctor said some women just bleed and there's no rhyme or reason for it. But they did always tell me to up my water intake... so maybe try that as well? Anyway, let us know how you are doing.
  13. I've heard all doctors and book references say that ANY bleeding, be spotting, or heavy when pregnant should be reported to your doctor. It could be bad, or it could be nothing. A few causes of bleeding are your ever expanding uterus, the discharge of any unwanted things in the vagina. (It does still shed its vaginal walls when pregnant) Or it could be as bad as fetal stress or damage, so like I said, if it keeps up, report it immediately, meaning call, don't wait until your next appointment!
    I hope I helped a little.
  14. I had bleeding in my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy . my third one was when i was 26 wks....And i have 3 beautiful healthy girls too show from it...just rest and know that for you it could just be your cervix that has a tear or erossion...Panic not....
  15. I had bleeding in my first trimester and assumed I was having a miscarriage, went for a scan and it turned out to be twins! who were both born at full term, perfect and healthy. Through having this experience (the bleeding) I have learnt that it is really quite a common occurrence to bleed during pregnancy, and, while you must keep your doctor informed, it is probably nothing to worry about and just the way your body is. Try to be relaxed and not to stress too much. If you have seen the baby in scans and there is a healthy heart beat there shouldn't be anything to worry about.