BLEED for Hermès Japan

  1. No, girls and boys, ladies and gents, your wallets are not the only thing bleeding for Hermès this christmas, at least not in Japan. BLEED, a graphic design studio based in norway has recently signed a contract with Hermès Japan to make the widow display. They have been in contact with Hermès for half a year already, working on prospects and suggestions for the design. Colour choices, themes and characters had to be changed and altered in the process to suit the artistic taste of the creators and the profile of the company. One of the discarded propositions included using the windows as a reversed ice skating ground, including the tracks left from the skates to be viewd from the street. There's not much to be known of the final results yet, only that there will be a masquerade and that it will be inspired by Kubrick's "Eyes wide shut".

    Before Hermès BLEED did projects for Pepsi Max, Deutsche Bank and the norwegian royal family. It's their first time collaborating with a major fashion house. Allthough they are first and foremost a graphic design studio, they devote 20% of their time to art projects for inspiration and develop the company in different directions. They have done books, installations, interior design and crafts, and use these experiences in their commercial projects.

    I'm sure it'll be a visual treat for those of you shopping in Tokyo! Hope you enjoyed this piece of Hermès news, even if it's quite unsignificant and tiny. :upsidedown: (sources: BLEED homepage (in english ) and (in norwegian >_<) )
  2. Wonderful news, can't wait to see the partnership between these two.
    Thanks for sharing this!
  3. sounds very very interesting!!! can't wait!!
  4. that does sound bloody :wtf: :p
  5. ^
    Hahaha, ooops. >_< Didn't see that one.

    I decided to post this after seing the displays in Paris and the winners of the competition held by LV. ^_^
  6. interesting~
  7. Is it just me or is Scandinavia getting all "hip" lately--seems to be in the news for lots of things I read today. Love it, so I don't mind, but wonder if anyone else notices. Bleed windows will be fun to see.
  8. hhhmmm...interesting...this I gotta see...:supacool:
  9. Makes me wanna fly to Tokyo again. The Hermes Ginza store there is impressive. 2 buildings, front and back with a small Hermes museum (can't recall which level it is). They have all those miniature bags in a small glass case. So darn cute!
  10. Thanks for the news Liberte.
  11. Thanks for sharing!!! There's now something to look forward to for my trip to Tokyo mid December :smile: