Bleecker wool tote?? Like or no??

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  1. I seem to recall this bag being discussed a while back, but without the search feature I don't have the option of looking it up.

    For the life of me, I can't see the appeal in this bag, but it may be due to the fact I was raised on a dairy farm and saw feedbags with similar designs.

    I saw these at the outlet, and although very well made, I think it would be itchy, meaning that whenever it brushed against my skin, it would be uncomfortable.

    It seems as if this just came out, and now it's at the outlets, which leads me to believe they didn't sell very well.

    Anyone know the inside scoop on this bag???? Just curious.
  2. I am not a fan of any of the wool bags myself. :tdown:
  3. Never seen it, but just by the "wool" I'm not a fan.
  4. i agree, wool would be too itchy.
    but bleecker stuff is awesome most of time. i love it!
  5. not a fan of wool or straw bags....:tdown:
  6. no for me too:okay:
  7. lol i think it mite be cute. depends on the wool i suppose. wat does it look like?
  8. I thought I didn't like it, but then saw one at the outlet and was very surprised. It is definately wool, but neutral and quality look. What I really like is the leather weaving at the top and on the strap and the tattersall lining inside is great (with leather-edged pockets, leather pen slots, a zipper compartment, two other pockets, and cell phone pocket). My favorite part, however, is the nice shoulder strap which makes it something I can put a laptop in or use for travel. I ended up buying it. It was $320 instead of $600. I love it for $320, probably not for $600!
  9. I've never seen this bag IRL, so it isn't really fair of me to judge it, but it doesn't look like my style at all. It is unique, though!
  10. Can you post the picture? I am curious how it looks :yes:
  11. Ok. Here's a few photos. This is a very unique bag. I have a lot of purses, but nothing else I have is like this. I never gave it a second thought on line. I like it in person.
    Ok. It exactly matches my carpet... :lol:
    Inside. NICE leather piping...
    Quick modelling shot (color is off because I turned off the flash). Fits on shoulder. I'm 5'8" size L.
  12. I like it! your pics make it look very cute!
  13. Yes, it looks great on you, and your pics make it look enticing!
  14. After seeing it on you, its not as bad as I originally thought when I first saw it on line. I probably wouldnt buy it, but it looks pretty nice there!
  15. I think it looks wonderful on you!