bleecker wallet smell?

  1. I just got the bleecker checkbook signature wallet. It has a weird smell....don't really know how to explain it. Has anyone else had this? I'm thinking of returning it since I haven't used it due to the smell. Thanks
  2. I have smaller Bleeker mini wallet and mine doesn't smell...:confused1: If you think it's going to bother you, you might need to return it
  3. I have a small Bleecker wallet & the checkbook wallet and neither of mine smell.
    Did you get yours from the store or off eBay? I say return it!
  4. I had ordered a gold wallet a while ago and when it came it had a really chemical smell. It was really pretty but I couldn't handle the odor. I sent it back and went to macys and bought an ergo french purse that I love,with no odor.
  5. I have a bleecker checkbook wallet and mine doesn't smell.
  6. If the smell is a bad smell it needs to go back. :yes:
  7. ditto!!!
  8. my madeline wallet has a smell to it. It's almost like the LV cat pee smell.
  9. ewwww :throwup:
  10. Still haven't used mine, but it didn't smell when I got it (I think)
  11. I have the Bleecker checkbook wallet and do not notice any smell.

  12. my bleeker wristlet smells a bit but i think it just needs to b aired out it was in the box for awhile
  13. Garment manufacturer's and textile companies apply resins to material to protect/preserve. Leathers go through a tanning process. Sometimes I think they apply too much, whether the process is automated or human, mistakes are made. I have a pair of sheep skin/leather boots that have a noticeable "chemical" smell. Some coach leathers come out of the box more potent than others and eventually the scent of leather comes through. If it bothersome send it back!
  14. if the smell bothers you, you should def. bring it back... I know sometimes people are tempted to wait and see if it goes away, but if it bothers you now it probably always will, or at least take a while to go away, and you might not want to wait.
  15. I have a siggy checkbook bleecker wallet and have never noticed a smell :shrugs: