Bleecker Tote/Navy Exchange question

  1. I just took my first trip to the Navy Exchange (after reading yesterday's post from WhrdRestOfMeGo). They had one beautiful, huge (big enough for my laptop), leather tote there in a dark brown color with the price of $595. Most of the items were 20% less than retail, so that would put this bag normally at close to $750. It had the tattersall lining and it looked a lot like this one, but I didn't pay enough attention to notice if it had the stitching around the pockets.

    Coach's site says this is only at the Legacy Boutique. How likely is it that I saw this same bag, or do any of you remember a similar bag from past seasons?

    By the way - I got the little pink slide sandal keychain that I've been wanting for only $18.96 and no tax! With most items being 20% less than retail, PLUS no 9.25% tax, that's better than a PCE . . . except for the smaller selection.
  2. OMG they had this bag?! This is the Bleecker Elisa bag - there a a few ladies on here looking for one. If it was dark brown it was the sold-out Walnut color.

    Very likely that this was the bag you saw - it is from last fall when the Bleeckers made their debut I think. I just got one by sheer luck and I love it! :love:

    As far as the Legacy boutique - they just re-released this bag in some newer colors, and they are almost sold out of those as well.
  3. I just called them back to see if the $595 price on the sticker was accurate. It's $476!

    That sounds like a good deal to me, but then again, I'm new to the Coach scene. Has it been cheaper elsewhere?
  4. The Exchange normally has so awesome prices on thier Coach bags , the couple I have bought off the Exchange webiste where about $50-100 less than reatail - plus there is no tax !
  5. OMG that is an amazing deal! I think I may be the only one who has seen it on sale at all, and I lucked out and happened to snag a marked down return at Nordie's. They are hard to find at retail rpice, let alone at that much of a discount. :yes:
  6. damn.. damn... damn... damn...

    You are one LUCKY girl!!!
  7. I love hunting at the exchange. the px here hardly ever has coach. ft. dix had quite a bit the last time i went.
  8. congrats!!! The PX/BX are a great treasure trove for Coach sometimes!
  9. Don't misunderstand me . . . I didn't get it. It is still sitting on the shelf at the store! I'm still paying off the Spectator that I just bought. :crybaby: