bleecker tattersall & lip stick

  1. what does everyone think of the tattersall wristlet & accessories?I definitly getting the wristlet & wallet!does anyone already hav the lip stick?
  2. i really love the muffler! but i'm not sure about the lipstick either; i haven't seen it in my stores yet
  3. I don't have the lipstick but tried it on at the store and its actually very nice. It was the pink mauve color. I can't remember the name??
  4. peony!
  5. I have seen the rose color and it looked pretty. It was someone else's so I couldn't try the color for myself.

    I love the tattersall accessories! They are so cute!!!!
  6. me too, love the tattersall! and the powder came in such a cute silver signature case, i definitely want to look at in the store, b/c i've only seen it in the catalog!