Bleecker Street X-L Convertible Tote!!!! Yum!

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  1. Has anyone seen this tote IRL? It's in the Legacy Boutique and I stumbled across it. Comes in 5 colors of leather accents. Love, Love, Love. But the SA at my store said they can't even get their discount in the Legacy Boutique because they aren't a "flagship" store. There is no way I would purchase this without PCE, but LOVE it.

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  2. I haven't seen it IRL but I absolutely love it, too. I think it would be an awesome spring/summer tote!!
  3. Wow, so gorgeous - that shade of green is stunning.
  4. Wow that is so pretty!
  5. Now that's my ultimate summer tote, the Bleecker Straw didn't do it for me, sadly. Too bad the Legacy Boutique isn't in California, otherwise I would have bought that. booo!
  6. Love the green!
  7. It's really that shade of green.
  8. Love that!
  9. oooh that is really cute! I can't wait to see the other accent colors.
  10. I want it!
  11. I saw it in person and it is really cute! Great color!
  12. I noticed these yesterday too. I LOVE it!
  13. nice!!
  14. Here are all the colors!

    I like the blue color but I wish the emblem was in white so you could see it better and add more contrast! The green and camel are cute too!!! Not cute enough for me to spend $548 though! :Push:
  15. Oh! I just noticed the hangtag.... so cute with the stagecoach on it!!!