Bleecker Street Shop Scarf! I'm looking for one.

  1. HELP :sos: I really want this Bleecker Street Shop Scarf and I couldn't order it at the store or online.. (I ordered it and then they canceled the order) I really want it and I'm kicking myself for not getting it sooner because I have had it on my wishlist since it came out :push:

    If anyone has any info regarding this scarf please let me know.. any sightings please let me know..

  2. Did you mean they cancelled it after you ordered it online? Because it is still showing up online...
  3. yes, after I ordered it online it was canceled the next day saying there were none available. I went to the boutique and they said there were none. It's still on the website so I am confused as to why they would leave it up :confused1:

    Maybe I should call that legacy boutique ?
  4. I would try calling the Legacy Boutique...and if it is still showing up online, they should have some at JAX. Seems unfair to show something online and then have it not be available.

    I've been looking on eBay to no avail...
  5. :tdown: None at the Bleecker St. Shop.

    Calling 44th and Madison ***fingers crossed***
  6. WOOHOO!!!!

    The Coach Boutique at 44th and Madison had ONE!! The SA is going to call me back later to do a phone order!!! I wanted to do it right then, but she said they were busy.. I was so happy they had one so I let it slide.. they better remember to call me back!!!!!
  7. Yay! I hope they call you back soon!
  8. Alright, so they called back and I ordered it.. they waived the shipping YAY!!! :yahoo:

    I'll make sure to post pics as soon as I get it, I have never seen it in person so I hope it was worth all the trouble :lol: