Bleecker Straw Tote - No longer available?

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  1. Are the Bleecker Straw Totes no longer available? I've finally made the decision to buy one but I realized that & Macy' have removed it from their listing. Nordstrom's still has it up, but that Saddle color isn't my thing.

    Style # 11798

    I'm interested in the Vermillion or White. I regret not buying this sooner when I had the chance. :cry:

    I've been torn on what kind of tote I should use for the summer vacation. Should I try to find one still lying around or buy the Legacy Tote?


    I'm trying to find a good tote around the $300 range. If anyone can recommend me a good one, please post! Thank you.

    Edit II:
    I just got word that the Bleecker and Legacy Totes are sold out in all areas, including the Warehouse. So they won't be getting anymore restocks, it seems. :crybaby: So you can just let this topic die.
  2. Just this weekend, I have seen the white in Macys and Nordstrom. You can call Nordstrom's Hotline (go to their website for help) and they will locate one for you, then you can do a charge send. I'm pretty sure Macys can do the same.

    COACH Boutiques had the Vermillion & White. Nordstrom & Macys had Saddle & White and Lord & Taylor had Saddle. IDK what colors Bloomingdales carried.

    They are still some out there, but you'd better act fast because they are selling quickly. My COACH SA told me that she hasn't seen/heard any info about COACH replenishing stock on these totes.

    I have the Saddle, and I can't wait to use it. Run, don't walk to your computer/phone!!!
  3. Thank you so much. I will give them a call. I hope they still have them available. *prays* Thanks so much for the help.