Bleecker Stitched Pocket Hobo?

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  1. #1 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
  2. I saw this bag on the website and didn't read the description carefully enough; I thought the trim was suede and immediately was not interested. However, when I saw it at the boutique, I fell in love and bought it. The trim is crinkled patent leather in a color colored Flint, which is a brown with a hint of olive it in depending on the light. It is comparable to the Bleecker woven pocket hobo, only in signature. I love that it has the tattersall lining. :tup:
  3. 53baglady do you have any pics.....none of the boutiques near me have it in the store.....I would love a real life modeling pic....
  4. My husband wasn't thrilled about modeling but he did a good job. He is 5'8"; the bag is a nice size for him:graucho:. The bag is unstuffed in the picture; I think it has a nice slouch to it and the front pocket is very handy.

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  5. Thanks so much.......I think he did a great job....what a nice husband.....its much shinier than in your pics than on coach site.....its very nice....lovely purchase....
  6. Wow - what a nice husband! That's a cute bag - congrats! I wish it came in all leather in some nice "pop" colors.
  7. Thanks for the modelling pics, your hubby wears it well ;) Ohhhh now that I got my Carly parchment, I think I *have* to designate a new HG bad right? :tup: