Bleecker Sling

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  1. I'm dying to get this bag with the PCE because I love the unique style interpretation of a hobo, but it only seems to have received negative reviews on the forum. Is there anyone who is happy with this bag or is it a bonafide dud?
    I would greatly appreciate any comments!
  2. I like the style, but it's pretty big--and I'm pretty small--so it doesn't work for me. :P

    Have you tried it on in person yet?
  3. I am also petite, so will prob be too big on me as well. I guess I would actually have to see this one in person. Thanks.
  4. they make two different sizes.
  5. Yea there is an XL, that's not happening!

    The "smaller" one looks pretty large too. But I love the style. I want a hobo with a unique shape such as this. The only other one I saw was from the Row in a crescent shape and that was 2k! That aint happening either, those Olsen twins should be ashamed.....
  6. I saw one at my FP store. It might have been the large one. It was huge! I suspect the small might be too big as well.
  7. IMO they are huge bags (I'm 5'7") that don't hold a lot. If you put too many things in they gapped open at the top and were bulgy at the bottom and I only had a few times in them. I bought both the large and XL and returned them both for that reason. I still think they are cute bags, just didn't work for me. But definitely go to the store and try them out.

  8. I'm only 5'1" so in would be humongous (sp?)! But I prob will go to the Coach store, just was excited to order it online with the PCE. Hey most of you know what I'm talkin about