Bleecker Signature Small Zip Hobo???

  1. Who has this bag? How do you like it? Is it too small? What can you fit in it? Can you wear it on your shoulder? I have so many questions, but I though that this is a cute small purse to grab-n-run!!! Let me know what you think.:flowers: Thanks!
  2. I like the look of this bag, too. And I have the same questions....I tend to use bigger bags.
    I'll give ya a bump!
  3. I thought it was too small for me. I looked at it because it's cute and a nice price but I decided I'd be better off putting my money towards a different bag.
  4. I just got the leather one for Christmas and I love it. It is big enough to carry everything I need from planner to cell phone. Yes you can wear it on your shoulder it has a very nice drop. I have the wine color and I am in love.
  5. I was just looking at this one online. Does anyone have any modeling pics?
  6. YES!!! We need modeling pics soon. Mine will be here in 2-3 days so when I her her I'll post pics.:yahoo:
  7. Yes! Pics needed!
  8. Okay, just took some pics of the wine leather one I picked up...gotta get them downloaded from my camera then uploaded to tPF...
  9. IN waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party:
  10. This is the one I ordered today!!! Love it!
  11. For some reason I can no longer upload using the Manage Attachments function on tPF. AHHH!!! So I'm uploading them to Photobucket. I'm on the last three. I took comparison pics with my med Carly, too. Coming soon...
  12. thanks, kphillips!
  13. Modeling pic...For reference I'm 5'0" and 120 lbs
    Inside with bleecker capacity wristlet (the leather has the tattersall lining!!!)
  14. Size comparison to medium Carly
    Side shot next to medium Carly
  15. Close-up of the beautiful buckle detail on the handle. Notice I still have another inch left on the adjustable strap. It fits nicely over my winter coat (I have a Coach leather coat...I bought it from the outlet for myself for Christmas!!)