Bleecker Signature Small Flap Hobo

  1. Does anyone have this purse? Tell me what u think about it.
    It was 25% off at Dillards. Is it worth the $180?

  2. I think the detail on the bag is great! I love the buckle flap and the tattersall lining. Depending on what you spend for other bags, $180 isn't bad :smile:
  3. It's a cute bag but too small for me.
  4. I really like that bag but it is way too small. $180 is okay but you can't really fit a whole lot in it.
  5. It's a really cute bag! But alas.. too small for me :sad: if It was a good size for me.. i'd totally buy it!!
  6. I think it's very cute.. and I am ok with small bag because I don't carry much :lol:
  7. I had my eye on that bag, but after going to the boutique to see it, I thought it was very, very small. If you can use a small bag, then go for it!
  8. it is small, and also i dont think it can stand on its own which can b annoying
  9. I love that bag, but with all of my junk, I could never use it.
  10. I wanted to buy this bag also! But for $180 I figured that I could get something bigger. It is super cute!!!!
  11. Ditto - adorable but too small for me. If you like small bags, then I think the price is good.
  12. Yes, it is small bag. I was going to buy it but when I saw it IRL, I ended up buying the large instead (in wine). The small is not practical for everyday.
  13. I like that bag, have seriously considered it in chocolate brown but thought it was too small for everyday use. If size isn't a big issue with you, I think you should go for it.
  14. I think it's so cute but way too small :yes:
  15. Ditto!!! I only carry small bags. Thought about getting a tote but DH said it just looks wrong one me. I wanted to buy this exact one at Macys for 178 but DH told me since I just bought the tattersall pouch (Im only allowed a new purse every 2 to 3 months) I could not get it. This is the same purse I asked for Christmas but he says Im not getting it then either.:crybaby: