Bleecker Sig Wristlet Question

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  1. I'm looking at possibly purchasing the Bleecker wristlet for myself (Merry Christmas to me from me) and I was wondering what can you all fit in there? I'm looking at it for my iPod, earbuds and some misc stuff.
  2. are you talking about the capacity wristlet? with the flap?
    if can fit a TON...the ipod/earbuds will definitely fit.

    right now I have like 7 lipglosses, mints, "girly products" and a set a keys in mine...with room to spare!
  3. I use mine inside my Leigh, and I have lots of stuff in it with room to spare. It holds alot but doesn't looked stuffed if you use it on it's own. I use the outside pouch for gift cards, etc.
  4. Yup that's the one!

    Not that I really need to put anymore Coach products on my CC, but the closet store to me doesn't have it anymore, so it's off the net for me!
  5. I have it in chocolate siggie and it fits tons in it! And it doesn't look bulky when full! I love this style!
  6. You guys are so helpful! Thank you so much!!

    I was looking at it to go with my Med. Chocolate Carly and this is the perfect thing for it I feel!
  7. I have mine in my medium carly right's a inside shot:


    fits in there nicely I think...
  8. I really don't have a lot in my Carly right now so I have a ton of room.

    Now if I can get the site to work, I keep getting an error message when I try to order anything. :crybaby: