bleecker shopper

  1. what do u all think of this bag?

  2. I think its a great looking handbag! I would really like to see it in person though hopefully my coach store will have it.I am going to largest store in town this weekend and if she looks great I will probaly get her! On another thread they said that the second week of november the Brown on brown
    will be coming in so maybe I will wait but I do like the khaki and black. Ill have to see I hope my store has her! Ill let you know!:yes:
  3. I am on my way as we speak to go check it out! My Coach store has the leather and signature ones. I'll report back soon!:tup:
  4. It looks very cute online, but I haven't seen it IRL.
  5. lol back on your ban huh lol
  6. LOL...I'm forever window shopping...yeah, thats it...window shopping! :p
  7. I think it's simply adorable! Looks like a cute handbag!
  8. Love it!
  9. Love it. I love the whole bleeker leather collection. The colors are wonderful.
  10. I am going to order the Bleeker Shopper in black, as my store will not be receiving it at all. That just means I won't see it everywhere!! Has anyone looked at the Coach site and gone "into" the new Bleeker St. store. There are bags that I have never seen!