Bleecker Question

  1. Hello! So I received the Legacy Stripe Knit Gloves and they are too small :sad:, so sad! But now that means I can return them and get something else!! So I'm thinking about getting the Bleecker Signature Large Flap in the chocolate brown but i'm wondering a couple things. How much does it hold? I usually carry my wallet, planner and cosmetic case, will that all fit? And also, is the strap really long? I like long straps but not too long. And how do you like it if you have it? Thanks for any help!!
  2. Hi Maja. I just purchased this bag last week, and it is lovely. the combination of leather/signature in brown really works on this bag. Its fairly large, and it hung a little longer than the usual straps but I was happy to see that it was definitely not too long, because that would have been a deal-breaker for me. I havent used it yet, but it appears that it will hold more than enough of most day-to-day items. And its pretty lightweight, too, which is a plus. The gold hardware is so nice (and I'm a total silver/white gold girl, so that's sayin' something!). I'm only 5" and it fit me perfectly - I actually exchanged my beloved legacy shoulder bag for this one because the legacy felt like I had a football under my arm when I put it on my shoulder - too bulky. This was a more comfortable over fit, in my opinion. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  3. Here's my thread about it! I LOVE this bag! LOVE IT! I have modeling pics and what fits inside in this thread. Check it out:

    I am thrilled! My new Bleeker Signature bag!

    ETA: Maja: I love this bag so much, my mom ordered me a leather one as a gift and I may get a black signature later!
  4. I dont' like any of the bleecker line at all.. and then I saw this exact bag on yesterday and have to say I really like it! I have heard from a couple of people though that the strap digs on your shoulder, or there is a buckle on the shoulder or something that makes it hurt.. seems weird.. tlloveshim, have you had any issues with that?? other than that, it seems like a beautiful bag!!!
  5. Hey, fields! I haven't had any problems at all with it digging in my shoulder. I kind of fling it back over my butt when I wear it so the weight rests more on my hip area which I think may take pressure of my shoulder. I had pain from carrying the Carly in my shoulder but not with this one. And I did discover that it can be adjusted just a tad bit using the buckle so I shortened mine to the shortest length. Not a big difference though. OK, just did an experiment.... I carry my bags on my left shoulder always, no matter what and face them outward away from my body. When I carry this bag on my left shoulder, facing outward the buckle faces forward and does not dig into me anywhere. When I turn the bag and face the buckle backward, it digs into my shoulder blade so I can see that it would get uncomfortable quickly. If you get this bag, I'd suggest carrying it in such a way that the buckle faces the front and not hits you on the back. I hope that makes sense!
  6. For clarification, see in this pic- my hand is over the buckle, it's facing front. If I change this bag around and the buckle runs across my back it digs right into my shoulder blade.

  7. hhmmm.... so if you wear it on your right shoulder, it is fine?? lol trying to make sense of it, I like that bag a lot and don't have a boutique around me!!!
  8. is this on your right arm, or does the mirror just make it LOOK that way!?!? :confused1::p
  9. LOL! Must be the mirror? I always wear my bags on the left arm. If I wear it on my left with the front flap facing outward, the buckle is to the front of my armpit. If I wear it on my right with the front flap facing outward, the buckle on the strap digs into my shoulder blade. For me, since I always carry my bag on the left arm, it isn't a problem but if you carry your bag on the right and want to face the flap (front) of the bag outward (away from you) then the buckle on the strap will hit you on the shoulder blade. Is that making sense? LOL!

  10. Gotcha'! :p I was starting to think I was going crazy!!! Lol I know someone who tried it on at the boutique and said it does dig into them, and they also wear their purses on the left! lol I wear mine on the right, that is why I wondered.. well, either way it's a great looking bag!!! :tup: Thanks for all the info!!! :yes:
  11. Wow, thanks for all the help! tlloveshim, the bag looks great on you!! It is definately on the top of my list right now, i'll just have to go to the store tomorrow and try it on! Thanks again! :smile:
  12. You're welcome! I saw you got it and I sincerely hope you love it! Great purchase!
  13. I love this bag. But I'm wondering how much stuff can you fit inside?