Bleecker or Carly?

  1. I love both styles, the Carly and the Bleecker, which is better? Please help me decide.
    Bleecker or Carly Signature
  2. carly
  3. Carly is a really popular seller for Coach. I would get the Bleeker but if you really love the Carly you should go for that one! Get what you love.
  4. Carly! tho I can't stand that Bleeker design! =P
  5. I think it depends on which style feels more comfortable to you. If you want to have a bag that can be crossbody, maybe the bleeker is best. If you want something smaller and shoulder only, maybe Carly....
  6. I wonder how light the Bleeker is? My large Carly can get really heavy!
  7. Definately Carly, Bleecker is horrible :throwup:
  8. The Carly! I really don't like the big round bottom on the Bleeker. I think it's apt to look too bulking and will be bopping into people and things when you are carrying it around.
  9. 100% Carly!!!
  10. Another vote for Carly! I'm not a huge fan of the Bleecker stuff to begin with...and I prefer the leather over the signature.
  11. I love Carly. I'm not a fan of the duffle and it's round bottom. You should get what you love!!
  12. I would try both of them on before deciding. I've seen the carly with beet and it is gorgeous! I also like the smaller duffle in leather, the leather and colors are beautiful. One of these will probably be my next bag also.
  13. Carly 100%
  14. I think the Carly is nicer.
  15. Carly, hands down.