Bleecker Line: Rust = British Tan?

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  1. Specifically in the Large Flaps...I have seen bags correctly labeled/referred to as British Tan, but then I've also seen/heard people refer to them as RUST (and these "rust" bags look suspiciously close to British Tan) are these two names referring to the same color? (Oh please oh please I hope so!)

    Reason I'm asking is that I'm looking for a Bleecker Large Flap in BT and am having a heck of a time finding I'm trying to find out exactly what people are calling the color (for instance, if I call Macy's or something...somewhere that doesn't employ a specific Coach SA).

    THANKS! :yes:
  2. Rust is MUCH more orange than british tan. I returned my rust bleecker bag. Sorry :sad:
  3. Oh! And I did see one at the Dillards in Evansville IN yesterday. I'm pretty sure it was full price. They will do charge/sends. Good Luck!
  4. Did Coach ever make the Bleecker Large flaps in RUST?
  5. Yes. I bought it, and got it home and it was nothing like I expected. It was an orange brown. I returned it since it didn't seem to go with my wardrobe.
  6. So let me be clear...Coach made Bleecker Large leather flaps in BOTH British Tan AND Rust? And the RUST is more orange-y than the BT?

    UGH...that is NOT what I wanted to hear. :sad:
  7. ^Yes, you are correct.