Bleecker Leather Wallet in BRASS/POOL ??

  1. Does anyone here know if the Bleecker Leather Checkbook wallet comes in the BRASS/POOL color?? I saw the wristlet but I don't see the wallet anywhere.

  2. OMGosh why don't they just call it Pond instead of Pool? All of these special names are so confusing!! It looks like an identical match to your Pond Ergo, kwim? :wacko: I do like that choice though, I hope it came with a matching wallet!
  3. I know it looks just like pond.. grr I cant find the wallet anywhere
  4. its less greenish yellow then the pond. this is a true baby blue.. it did come in the pool color, not sure if there are anymore
  5. hmm I wonder if the checkbook size is still available
  6. i never saw a checkbook one!
  7. I don't think they've made it in the color you want. I could be wrong, because I do remember seeing blue somewhere. :confused1:
    Inside some of the Bleecker checkbook wallets I think it is lined in that beautiful color, possibly the white.
    Hopefully they will make it for spring!
  8. thanks everyone.. I hope to find a wallet soon.