Bleecker Leather Flap (smaller one)

  1. Does anyone have this bag?

    [​IMG] Do you wear it cross-body? How much does it hold?

    I think I like this bag. It's in my Budget and I love cross-body bags lately!

    And I like the larger Sig version in Chocolate!

    Too many choices and not enough money..
  2. Ive been looking at this as well. I wish they would make it in a wine. I dont know how to wear it either. Wearing it crossbody would be fine but who knows?
  3. Call JAX. When I went in a couple of weeks ago to the boutique at Northpark, I told the SA if this was available in wine I might get it instead of the Large flap. She said hold on a sec. She came back and said there were 6 at JAX. I decided that I did want the large instead because it's roomier. Not that I am enabling you or anything...:angel:
  4. Amen sister!
  5. That's my wishlist bag....the larger Sig version in Chocolate!!!!!!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!!! :yes:
  6. I have it in Coal. I bought it to use as a crossbody, but you can double or shorten the strap for a shorter shoulder bag. I'm really glad I got it. The only thing I don't like is the strap is only 'finished' on one side, so it's rough on the underside. Something I thought was a bit of a design flaw (if not a means to cut corners) Coach's finishing details are usually fantastic. It held my cell phone, french legacy stripe wallet, legacy stripe coin purse, lip gloss, a small camera & still had wiggle room for a bit more. Not enough room to bring my regular cosmetic bag.. but considering it's the HUGE Legacy stripe french one that's not saying much!
  7. I am LOVIN' this bag in the Ink color... :drool:
  8. The flap only comes in Ink in the large version.

    I would SO get this bag in the small version if it came in ink.
  9. When I saw it in person I didnt think the strap would go cross body on me and hit right but I dont know... maybe if you have a shorter torso?

    I want the Large Bleeker Duffle in Ink, Wine or Brit Tan but I cant get it to work right on me either =[
  10. I think I'm going to get my mom this bag for Christmas. I am so tired of her overstuffing her swingpack! LOL!
  11. The unfinished underside of the strap makes me insane! They did it with the bleeker duffle too, making it nearly impossible to wear cross body. Because it is unfinished some of the color transferred on to my light colored shirt (not to mention that it seemed to catch on my clothes). Both this and the bleeker duffle would be great cross body bags if only....

  12. Thanks for this info. I may have to rethink this one for mom.