Bleecker Large Leather Duffle

  1. I'm not seeing anyone talking about this bag at all - and I'm thinking of buying one. The green looks great - but the ink seems like a nice color, too.

    Any comments? Reactions? I haven't seen it in person yet (headed there tomorrow) and was curious to get some feedback from some experienced shoppers.....

  2. I really wanted to adore this bag. The colors are all fabulous. I just can't embrace the big, wide, round bottom on this bag. I don't want a bag to be jutting out from my body like that. I don't need anything to add width to my already ample figure. I hate to be banging and bumping into things and people throughout my day. It's annoying and it's a good way to get the leather all scratched and dirty. I adore big bags (ie my large Carlys, large leather Ergo hobos and my Miranda) but I feel that this design will not work for me.
  3. There are a couple of gals that have these and do like them. I'd do a search for their threads. I believe there are pics of the bags and modeling pics. Those should be pretty helpful to you! The green is very pretty too! I personally wasn't drawn to this bag but to the Bleeker large flap which I LOVE!
  4. I personally don't like any of the bleecker line at all... but I know there are several girls on here that love them.. I am sure they will chime in sometime. :yes:
  5. I'm thinking of getting the smaller duffle in bottle green... I like the way it goes cross-body and that's probably how I would wear it. I tried on the ink and its really pretty too.
  6. It's good you'll be heading to the store to be able to see them IRL. I ordered a medium Bleecker hobo from the website without seeing it in real life and it didn't turn out to be what i was expecting, both in the color and style. The pictures don't provide enough view of all sides. So trying it out and seeing it for yourself will really be helpful.

  7. This is the ink bleeker Duffle owned by blackbutterfly. Blackbutterfly, I hope that you don't mind that I placed your photo here. I also own the Bleeker Duffle in the rust. I think it is a great everyday bag. I have not worn it yet as I am carrying my Bleeker Laced Flap in Walnut exclusively right now. I love this bag as much as I love my Ali's although it is a bit smaller in size it is a great bag. I have also pasted pictures of my Bleeker Duffle in Rust and my Bleeker Flap in the Walnut Color. Hope that these pictures aid in your decision.

    These photos were taken in natural light. My advice to
    anyone is if you are thinking about getting a Bleeker do get it as this is a really great collection.


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  8. I dunno, I think that bag is awesome. I think the leather looks sooo luscious! If you like it, I'd say go for it!
  9. [​IMG]

    I love this one the most. What a wonderful color!!!!! Sooooo pretty!
  10. I saw this bag in an mag. ad and really like it. I think its a great non descript bag! Seriously considering buying one :yes:
  11. I really like the large duffle, I think that the best look for it would be not to overstuff it. What do you think of the new colors coming out on the 18th? I am seriously thinking about getting the magenta.
  12. I'm w/ Fields on this one! Though there are some Bleecker lovers here that will help you!!!!!
  13. I think that the Magenta Color would be totally awesome. I think that you should definitely get it if you love it. Magenta goes with alot of colors. Good luck deciding!
  14. I really like the look of this bag, and I like long shoulder straps, but this almost seems too long for me as I would never wear it crossbody. Does anyone know if the medium size duffle has the same long straps or are they shorter on the smaller bags?

  15. You can adjust the straps on the medium. I need to see the sizes in person before I decide.