Bleecker Flap Bag Colors for Spring

  1. Does anyone know what new colors there will be for the Bleecker flap bags for spring?

    I was talking to a customer service person at JAX who said there's going to be a rose color in the small flap bag which will be available in February.

    And if you go to to the Coach site, under What's New, scroll to the search by Style tab and a large picture pops up of a gorgeous large flap bag in cream. Although the bag is no one else to be seen anywhere on the site. Does anyone know anything about this bag?

    Anyone know of any other colors?

    I'm thinking of buying one of the flap bags but am considering waiting to see what other colors come out in the coming months.
  2. Not sure about new colors besides the rose, but could that be the buckskin color in the website photo you are talking about? (I think) LizCordova was describing it as a lovely caffe latte color, which seems to fit the bill...


    This is the rose - but it is much more of a salmony- coral IRL. Very pretty, just not as saturated as their photo. :yes:
  3. Coach will not be making any of the all leather Bleeker Flap bags No. 11419 except for the Buckskin color. I called last week and they said they might do a khaki/blue in the signature but when I called today they said they did not know anything about it. Go Figure who is right. If you want a color I would say get the duffle in a vibrant color. They are not doing the flaps for spring as they did for the fall 1007 season. I personally am glad that I have such a full collection because I have a feeling the Coach is going into a design downturn. Lucky for me I have more than enough.
  4. Oh that's interesting!

    I had spotted this rose flap on eBay:

    When I called JAX the gal told me it would be available again in February. Go figure.

    Liz, is the buckskin color a light cream with black or dark brown trim? That's what's showing up under the What's New section on the Coach site although there's no way to order the bag.
  5. That is the smaller flap bag- the one Liz is talking about is the large Bleecker flap. :yes:

  6. This is the buckskin bag I own in the large Bleeker Flap. Coach is not making other colors in the all leather large bleeker flap. I think they might make the flap in signature khaki and pool blue though. This is all I know.
  7. Thanks, Liz, for posting the picture! :yes: That is one gorgeous purse. Do you carry it a lot? I'm looking for something for spring or summer and I like the size and roominess of the large flap bag. Although I love the duffle too. I hope they don't discontinue these lines anytime soon because I just can't decide.
  8. oh darn! that breaks my heart!!!!!! i love the buckskin though!
  9. my store has a white signature with kinda tan leather flap bleecker flap along with a hobo
  10. :love:

    I'd love anything in khaki/pool.
  11. I am not carrying my Bleeker Large Flap in Buckskin yet. It is still cold and gloomy here.
    I do carry my Bleeker Large Laced Flap in Walnut, bleeker Magenta Duffle and Bleeker Bottle Green Duffle. I do own the Canary Bleeker duffle as well but have not carried her yet as I love my Magenta one too much to put it down just yet. See a picture of my laced Bleeker Flap below and some of my other Bleeker Duffles. I really love this line and it could just be my all time favorite bag from Coach. I am so glad that they revived this design!:tup:
    IMG0001_1.jpg IMG0001_10.jpg IMG0006_1.jpg IMG0004_12.jpg
  12. I love the Bleekers as well. My favorite is the large flap. I have a siggy one and want to eventually get a leather one. Along with my Ali, my large flap is my favorite bag. ( I have an Ergo which I love for the comfort factor). I agree with you, love the BLEEKER!:tup: